Watch Brands

We hold large collections of men’s and ladies’ watches for sale. We understand that a watch is an extension of your personality, which is why we stock luxury timepieces for everyone. We ensure that our customers feel proud of their purchase by providing them with the best quality watches to buy in store.

Storm Watches at Blue Wing Gallery



A pioneer in the quest for individual style, Storm is a London based watch brand that continually seeks for the new design challenges resulting in iconic fashion watches for men and women. Each shape is contoured to catch the imagination and it’s unique and bold design are as individual as those who wear them. Try on one of their unusual but original watches in a Blue Wing Gallery store near you. 

Radley Watches at Blue Wing Gallery


London brand Radley is renowned for its passion for colour, luxurious leather and carefully considered designs, not forgetting an extra special Scottish terrier! Our range of Radley women’s designer watches includes ornate and elegant pieces that are perfect for any occasion. The watch collection features stunning leather strap designs as well as elegant bracelet styles, while Radley’s playful personality is communicated through the use of bright colours and dainty charms. You can find a beautiful timepiece to complement your style when you shop from their elegant collection of ladies’ watches at Blue Wing Gallery stores. 

Bering Watches at Blue Wing Gallery


Bering’s collections go beyond premium quality. Their Ceramic, Solar, Classic and Titanium watches are made with sapphire glass meaning that the time isn’t scarred by unpleasant traces of scratches or cloudiness on the watch glass. Ceramic is the most innovative and high-tech watch material used to date, as the material itself is incredibly lightweight, scratch and heat resistant as well as being hypoallergenic. The sleek and smooth ceramic complements the slim design of Bering’s watches giving the timepieces a contemporary and yet comfortable feel. Solar uses an environmentally-friendly energy source, light. With countless choices you are sure to find a watch that keeps up with you and your experiences.

With designs made for both men and women you are sure to find a cool look that suits. A vision born from adventure, Bering is a breath-taking watch brand that will excite you at each moment in time. Venture into one of our stores to start your journey with a watch inspired from the pure and clear landscapes of the Arctic.

Danish Design Watches at Blue Wing Gallery

Danish Design

Launched in 1988, Danish Design has used its time to continue telling their story piece by piece and along the way finding its harmony in nature and design. The Scandinavian brand lets nature inspire it to become better, be sustainable and to be there for you whenever you seek them. Danish Designs always bring a unique and harmonious watch design to your wardrobe and visit us at a Blue Wing Gallery location to try one of these elegant watches on in person.

Orla Kiely Watches at Blue Wing Gallery

Orla Kiely

Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Prints’, Orla Kiely’s graphic prints are internationally renowned in the fashion industry. Her prints are the very definition of modern sixties cool. 

The watches are all about style, they range from retro patterned faces to bold and bright leather straps. Quirky prints and designs are paramount to the Orla Kiely watches. Each fun and retro inspired piece is an elegant invitation of a wristwatch. Visit Blue Wing Gallery to see her stunning collection with your own eyes and add a timepiece that explores a playful mix of colour and patterns, giving you a 60’s feel with a modern twist.