Job Opportunities

We’re privileged to work with stunning jewellery and watches and play such an important part in helping customers making life time memories.

Blue Wing galleries are exciting and vibrant places. We are always searching for exceptional talent to join our team. Every day, we meet so many different people. People who might want to treat themselves or someone else. Looking for a birthday, Christmas gift, a graduation or an engagement gift...  Our team put in so much passion and personal touch that turns each sale into a very special moment. 

We are a growing company, working passionately for over 18 years, and have a fantastic team of employees across Cornwall who strives to deliver exceptional customer service and fantastic products.

Job Opportunities

Branch Managers

Store Managers are incredibly important to us, taking care of the stores as their own and always with our customers at the heart of everything they do.

Sales teams give customers the true Blue Wing Gallery experience, with Store Managers leading this as a role model to the team.


If you love working with colleagues who share the same values and commitment to great service as you, this is for you!

We believe in teamwork because we know it can lighten the heaviest of workloads because every day holds the promise to pull together and achieve something incredible!

Sales Consultants

There’s a real sense of pride when we work hard together. Everyone who works at Blue Wing Gallery has the same opportunities. The same chance to be more than maybe they even realised they could. We like to acknowledge great work by offering rewards of promotion, competitive salary, and additional earning potential with performance bonus for all.

If you wish to join the team at one of Blue Wing Stores, please send us a message.